Restoration & Prosthetics

System Overview

Synea turbines

W&H coupling RM-34 LED for Multiflex®* connection

Synea Contra-angles

Alegra turbines**

Alegra Contra-angles

Synea Handpieces

Alegra Handpieces

Roto Quick coupling

Air Motors

Electric Motor EM-12 L

Add-on Control MF-100

Supply hose

Synea Vision turbines

Synea Short Edition

ISO coupling length of 23 mm or less***

Roto Quick couplings with generator

Primea Advanced Air turbines

Roto Quick couplings

Add-on AF-100

System Overview

* Multiflex® is a registered trade mark of Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH, Germany
** also with other coupling versions available
*** Contra-angle handpieces of the Synea Vision Short Edition can be used on micromotors with an ISO coupling length of 23 mm or less.